Ed's Buckaroo

Ed's Buckaroo is a chestnut grey Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. This is Buck's first ride and he’s doing great!  Video shot 6/7/22. He is out of our Stallion Blue Blooded Bandit and mare Hush Hush. I will be posting videos of his progress. Keep checking back.

Ed's Buckaroo

Ed's Buckaroo's Progress


These are Buck's first and second ride. As you can see we take is slow and easy with our horses. They all start off ridden in a rope halter. It's important to set a solid foundation of trust with your horse and it's what we do.


In these videos Eric is teaching Ed's Buckaroo to turn off his hindquarters. If you watch closely you will see Eric apply some slight pressure on his outside leg and then releases the pressure as soon as Buck takes a step with his opposite front leg. Timing of the release of pressure is very important. You'll also notice that we give Buck frequent breaks to help it sink in, remember this is all new to him. Buck is also learning a little backing, inside leg/inside rein in these videos. It helps to mix things up to keep it interesting. You don't want to drill a horse so that they resent it.

We use Ed's Buckaroo in a lot of videos and here is a group of them that will show you what a great horse he is.