A Different Kind Of Walking Horse Farm

Here at Ed's Walking Horses we breed, raise and train Tennessee Walking Horses for trail and pleasure riding. We train in the Vaquero or Californio style of horsemanship. Slow, easy and consistant training producing a calm and willing partner. We have around 30 of our own horses currently for sale I will add them to the site as I record them.

Keep in mind we are not flipping horses here, these are horses who've been raised on our farm and it's a pricey endevor but we think the results are worth it.

Jose's Magnificent Merlin

Merlin is a great horse, tall, super temperament, well gaited and nicely trained. He is one of our top notch horses and straight up in the bridle. Check out his video playlist, watch his progress from start to present. Merlin has a full lifetime of riding ahead of him. Merlin comes with 5 lessons, so we can help you and him get off to a good start. If this is something up your alley get him before someone else does:)


Ed's Grey Goose

Ed's Grey Goose is a chestnut grey colt, I call him Goose. I think he is going to be around 16 hands tall and is put together like nobodies business! Check out his video playlist and follow his progress as we train and work with him, I think he will turn out great!

I'm Glitz And Glamour

This is our Walking Horse mare I'm Glitz And Glamour, we call her Gi Gi, she was foaled 2007. We are starting a mare program where we take our broodmares when they are 14+ years old and put them back under saddle and train them well for folks looking for an older riding horse.


Catch A Look At Fashion

This our Spotted Saddle Horse Catch A Look At Fashion, we call him Catcher. He is 16.2 hands tall and foaled 2004, barefoot and an experienced trail horse. He is strong and sound and can keep up with all the young horses. Basically, you can point him and he will go. Catcher is an all around great horse for a beginner or intermediate rider.

He is up to date on vaccinations, leads beautifully, loads in and out of trailers like a dream, stands to be saddled and mounted, all the good basics. Catcher is the horse I put beginner riders on and he seems to know who is on his back. That said, he is not a deadhead and will move out if you ask him. I will add more videos to his playlist as I record them or he is sold:)


Ed's Cool Breeze

This is our palomino gelding Ed's Cool Breeze, we call him Breezey. He will be darker than he is in this picture after he sheds his winter coat. Follow his progress and reserve him while he is in training. Don't miss out on this great horse.

Ed's Full Moon Rising

This is our black gelding Ed's Full Moon Rising, we call him Moon. He is 6 year old gelding with a great temperament. Moon is a model class champion who did quite a bit of winning. He's a great horse! Check out his video playlist.

Ed's Handsome Lad

This fine grey colt is Ed's Handsome Lad, We call him Laddy or Number Two because he has a white mark on his forehead that looks like a # 2. He is a gelding and in our training program. Follow his progress on his video playlist.

Ed's Buckaroo

If you are interested in a "Top Shelf" horse then look no further. Buck is straight up in the bridle and an absolute joy to ride. He was foaled here on our farm in 2020 and raised up to be a fine bridle horse. He's a gelding and priced according to his level of training. Buck comes with 5 lessons, so we can help you and him get off to a good start. He is a dream to ride and has a good work ethic.


Ed's Where There's Smoke

This is our 2 year old gelding Where There's Smoke, we call him Smokey. He is a smokey black colt out of my Stallion The Diamond Trip and mare Jose's Paroled At The Ritz. He is being started in our training program and doing well. You can follow his progress in his video playlist.

Kind ●  Honest  ●  Big Hearted  ● True