A Different Kind Of Walking Horse Farm

This page highlights horses we have in training. Some of these are my personal horses and horses I'm not ready to sell because I want to see where they can go in their training. At any rate the videos have a bunch of good info that may help you.

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Way Back When

This is one of my favorite horses, my black stallion Way Back When, I call him Wayne. I absolutely love this guy, he has a super personality, a lot of heart and crazy smooth gait! Boy can he go!!!

Ed's Platinum Blonde

This is another one of my favorite horses, my palomino mare Ed's Platinum Blonde, I call her Blondie. This mare is like a sportscar, zippy and fun to ride. I've got quite a lot of videos in her playlist, follow along as I help her gain her confidence and become a fabulous riding horse!

Ed's Hole In One

This is my palomino colt Ed'sHole In One, I call him Hoolio. I'm excited to work with this fine young horse, he's blowing me away how ast he is picking up on the training. I love Walking Horses!!!

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