Ed's Rainy Day


A short video showing where he is in his training, about four rides. Rain is a very easy to handle colt and put together well. He is one of the best colts born at my farm in 2019. He is about 3 years old in this video, shot 6/7/22. Foaled 3/19/19. I will be posting videos of his progress, keep checking back.

Ed's Rainy Day


Ed's Rainy Day ~ Progress Videos


Ed's Rainy Day is a Tennessee Walking Horse and learning Drive and Draw. In this video you can see how Rain is learning to move out of Eric's personal space, this is"Drive". And when Eric turns slightly away he is welcomed back in, this is "Draw". We try to keep our sessions calm and relaxed because we feel a horse learns best when he or she is relaxed and able to think. This video was recorded 9/23/22 .


In this video Rain our 3 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is learning leg aids. This means he is learning to move his body off of our slight leg pressure. Eric will keep slight leg pressure on Rain's side until he moves away from it. It's a patience game. Video recorded 9-23-22 .


In this video Ed's Rainy Day our Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is learning to go, stop and back up off of a rider's seat. You can see how Rain is totally relaxed with Eric as he communicates what he wants him to do.


In this video Ed's Rainy Day our Tennessee Walking Horse is learning to side pass over poles. This exercise was created by Pat Puckett, one of our favorite horse trainers. His YouTube channel is Deb and Pat Puckett. The poles help the horse find the right answer as easily as possible.


  Ed's Rainy Day showing off his smooth natural gait, some side passing and opening gates. In this video Rain is learning. these skills so he doesn't do it perfect yet. He is being ridden in a rope halter and a snaffle bit, this is. helping him make the connection between the feel of the rope halter (that he knows) and the feel of the snaffle bit.